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About real estate projects

Are there real estate projects for the company?

Yes, there are real estate projects for the company that it has implemented in different areas of Istanbul, the most important of which are Silvery, Tekirdag and Arnavutkoy.

Does the company have real estate in projects that it does not own?

Yes, the company contracts with major construction companies in Turkey and cooperates with them to offer its suitable properties in different areas of Istanbul.

Are the properties available with the company residential only?

The company has residential real estate, such as apartments and villas, in addition to other projects and agricultural real estate.

About Turkish Nationality

What are the conditions for a suitable property to obtain Turkish citizenship?

The purchased property must have a minimum value of $250,000, with a pledge not to sell or dispose of it before three years.

Are there other ways to obtain Turkish citizenship through investment?

Yes, it is possible to deposit 500 thousand dollars in a Turkish bank for a period of 3 years, or provide a job opportunity for 50 Turkish citizens, or a fixed investment with a value of no less than 500 thousand dollars.

Does the purchased property have to be from a Turkish owner?

Yes, one of the most important conditions for Turkish citizenship by owning a property is for the property to be originally purchased from a Turkish owner, whether an individual or a company.