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A project in the city of Tekirdag

A project in the city of Tekirdag

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Project in the city of Tekirdag

Our new project in the city of Tekirdag 2 ELITE SITESI from A&J Investment Services

The city of Tekirdag, with a population of more than one million, is located on the northern coast of the Marmara Sea, 135 km west of Istanbul, for only two hours via a highway.

It has a long border with the city of Istanbul and is the main corridor of the entrance to Europe (Greece, Bulgaria).

It is famous for agriculture, where many of its people work as farmers, and there are several industrial areas and one of the most famous industrial areas in Turkey, such as Çorlu Province.

Project Features

– Project area: 29,500 square meters.

– Number of sukuk (Tabu): 86 sukuk.

– Tapu type: independent.

– Land type: Imariya (Villa).

Ready building permit.

Infrastructure consisting of water, electricity and sewage has been equipped.

– The project was approved by the municipality of Tekirdag Suleiman Pasha.

– Building plans were prepared and approved by the municipality and entered into the housing complex system.

The price per square meter of land is 650 TL.

Access points from the project

It has a sea port and it is one of the 10 largest ports in Europe.

It has Namik Kemal University (State University) with a number of students that exceeds 35,000 students in different faculties of medicine, engineering, etc…

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